Monday, June 4, 2012

cleaning tip!!! :)

If ya'll are anything like me, you probably have a toddler who likes to color....all - over - everything!!
And not only does the Princess like to color on everything, she prefers to do so with my my BIC permanent markers!!

I was babysitting for my sister the other day and so the Princess and my 3 year old nephew went crazy coloring with red permanent marker on my laminate floors and my counter tops...
Here is my little method for getting it out!

Here is what one of the big red marks looks like
Now a fun little tip to know is that permanent markers really arent all that permanent :)...
They are alcohol based markers therefor they can be "removed" with ALCOHOL!!!
Here is what you need! - some rubbing alcohol (i used 50% because it was in the dollar store but a stronger one would work better) and a sponge with a scrubby abrasive side (dont worry it doesnt hurt the floors- at least it didnt mine)

you can either pour the alcohol directly to the floor or soak some in the sponge and just scrub scrub scrub on that pesky marker mark.......
And afterwards you have this! - a floor free of permanent marker and no evidence that it was ever there to begin with :)! - hope this helps someone out!

Have a Great Day Ya'll!!

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