Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lose It vs. MFP

So i posted a little bit back about starting my Weight Loss journey. I posted that i started using the Lose It! app on my phone. At that point I did not have a scale and i didnt know my true weight. I was just using my Lose It app and trying..but i wasn't REALLY trying.. i was "cheating" a lot. Then my friend Jenny introduced me to a different app called MyFitnessPal (MFP) she has lost 30lbs so far using this app and starting an exercise routine. So i gave it a shot- June 1st was pay day, so I bought a scale that night and stepped on it the minute i got home. BOY was I suprised! I had been saying that i was about 250lbs... which is A LOT... but when i stepped on the scale i saw 255lbs!!! That extra 5lbs scared the hell out of me! Then i was browsing pinterest and found THIS and it scared me even more!! So saturday the 2nd was my start day with MFP. I started working out doing the walk at home program with Leslie Sanson - its fairly easy but still works me out and makes me sweat and i can feel my muscles really going afterwards. I have been doing walk at home about 3 days a week and watching all of my calories with MFP. let me just say this... I LOVE MFP!!! it is SO EASY to use! ... I love it better than Lose It.. there are more food options, more exercise options and even options to add in your own calories if you dont find what you are looking for!. I decided Fridays were gonna be my "weight days".. so i stepped on the scale this last Friday the 8th and was pleasantly suprised! it said 252.6!! that is 2.4lbs in a WEEK!... If anything that is a major motivator for me. I can not wait to get more fit and to lose more weight. I plan on being around for a LONG time and to assure that is a fact...this is what i must do!

Thanks for following me on this journey :)

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