Sunday, May 13, 2012

Breakfast for Supper???

In the Paine home...we LOVE breakfast for supper... so when i saw THIS pin on pinterest i just knew i wanted to give it a heres my experiment with that.. :)

The breakfast wreath that this blogger called it is fairly simple..bacon, eggs, cheese...crescent rolls :) yum!

Bacon Egg and Cheese Wreath:
1 can of 8 count crescent rolls
5 large eggs
shredded cheese (i use finely shredded colby jack)
8 slices of fully cooked bacon 

First you lay out your crescent rolls on a parchment lined pan like this.. (p.s. please excuse my dirty stove..i had an accident in the kitchen with some
next they say to line the rolls with some fully cooked bacon (i used the microwave kind)
then you put a layer of cheese :) mmm...i love cheese!
then youre supposed to scramble your eggs in a pan (season as you'd like) and youre supposed to add them on top of your cheese...i forgot to take a picture of that...oops!!
next you close up your wreathe and add more cheese on top...(did i mention i love cheese?!)
and bake it in the oven on 375 degrees for 17 minutes.............................................................
and when it came out.. it looked like this :)

Things i will do differently next time :
 First off next time i would buy the Big & Buttery Crescents instead of the regular ones..i prefer that buttery taste..
Also i would add a LOT more cheese..but that's just my preference...
Then i would bake it on a well greased pan instead of parchment paper..the biscuits just stuck to it like glue..
and last..I would watch it while its baking..or better yet bake it a little for the biscuits to get done..then add cheese on top and cook it until its just melted....

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