Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hey Y'all!

I'm just going to introduce us here. This isn't my first blog but my last blog was mainly for my papercrafting hobby and i didnt pay to keep it going so here i am :) My name is Casey (a.k.a Mommy) and I am now a Stay At Home Mom with plenty of fun adventures and things that happen in my own home every day! So here i am about to blog about the stuff that goes on in my every day life...So now i will introduce my family
1st up is my husband- we will call him J. :) we have been married for 2 years this coming June
this was a picture taken during my maternity photo shoot so there is a little me int he background..hehe :)
2nd is my 4 year our daughter "The Princess"
she will only be referred to as "The Princess" she insists that is her new name now...
last up is the newest addition to the family...he was born in November so he is 4 months old now...he will be referred to as Baby J :))
I am excited to share stuff here and let ya'll see what kind of fun things we do. I am hoping to share just random things the family does, recipes, crafts..maybe even review some of my favorite things...
hope ya'll (if anyone is reading this...) have a great day!!!

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