Friday, July 27, 2012

The Frugal Domestic...

Today, I am starting something new.
I have been doing a LOT of research and have decided I would really like to start doing some more homemade methods in my home to help save some money.

I have scoured many pins on pinterest and many sites through google search and have pretty much just made my own decision on creating things by figuring out what the common variables were. :D

Today I made 1 batch of Fabric Softener.... for about the past month I have been using 1 scoop of All powder detergent and 1/4 cup of washing soda to wash my clothes, and would add 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar as a fabric softener (it really works well folks!)
But I noticed I was missing the smell in my laundry...I love my laundry smelling really I decided on this recipe for the Fabric Softener..

6 cups HOT water
3 cups white distilled vinegar
2 cups conditioner (lots of people use the cheap suave from the dollar store)

Mix together the 6 cups hot water and the 2 cups conditioner until the conditioner is "melted" or well mixed with the water... I used some tresseme condirtioner I had laying around because I started using new hair products and just never used this one anymore.... once the water and conditioner is mixed add in your 3 cups of vinegar and mix well... add 2 tablespoons per load or use in your downy ball. I have a downy ball i just dont care for using it..I use the fabric softener dispense in my washer.

Next I decided to make up a batch of home made laundry detergent... again I searched around to decide on the best recipe for my family and I, and the recipe I decided to use was the easiest as far as I could tell...time will tell how well it works..

1 cup Washing Soda (NOT baking soda!!)
1 cup Borax
1/2 cup Oxi Clean (or Oxi clean alternative- your choice)
1 bar Fels Naptha (found in the laundry aisle...some people use Zote, others use castille soap and some even use Ivory soap..I stuck with the Fels Naptha plus it smells pretty decent.)

Grate your bar of Fels Naptha (or whatever you chose..) I used the fine grate side of my grater. Some people also throw the grated soap into their food processor to break it up even more...If I had a food processor I would too but I dont have one :(. Once grated incorporate all of the other ingredients with your soap grate in a container (I used just a big plastic container I bought at walmart)
you can  use 1 tbsp per load, 2 for heavily soiled items..some people even use up to 3! I plan on using 2 tablespoons per load because i have this awesome scoop with a long handle that happens to be exactly 2 tablespoons..

Now I have read that it is important not to store your home made laundry detergent on top of your washer or dryer because all of the shaking action can cause it to "separate" which i see is apparently the case... when I added all the ingredients in the container I shook it up...what i wound up with was all the powder on the bottom and all the soap grates on top :S .. I basically just took my scoop and stirred it up really well...seems to be good for me!

Sorry I do not have any pictures in this post... maybe later on I will... We are about to begin the process of moving and once that happens I can get things more organized and then will have more pictures of stuff...

I do not have any opinions yet on either of the items I made today. I full intend on using them for at least a month before giving an honest opinion :).

Now before anyone decides to leave any nasty comments... (long shot since I think NO ONE reads my blog and NO ONE ever comments :-( ) I FULLY understand the debates out there regarding Borax... I honestly believe that people are confusing Borax (the natural cleaning ingredient) with Boric Acid (commonly used to Kill pests and rodents..) Yes Borax CAN be harmful for you IF INGESTED in LARGE QUANTITIES... well I DO NOT plan on ingesting it AT ALL... not so keen on the idea of eating my laundry soap so yeah...not seeing any worry here... I believe everyone should try to become fully educated on hot topics before they decide to bash anyone... again like i said I do completely understand what people are saying about it... IF you dont agree with me about the use of Borax for cleaning... I do not want a debate here, and while i beleive you are all entitled to your own opinions... please dont spill nasty ones all over my blog :)

Thanks for stoppin' by!!

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